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Wearable Blue Light Therapy Glasses for Sleep Better | Boost Energy | Wellness | Improve Mood

  • Model: E480

Wearable design,easy to use: Thanks to the wearable design, you can use the bright glasses light to sit on your head comfortably like normal sunglasses, don't need to sit in front of the light box every morning .

Improve sleep, mood or more: Bright galsses light improves sleep, boosts mood, increases energy, and enhances focus, leaving you feeling revitalized.

3 Timer Settings :Built-in automatic timer of 15/30/45mins. Starting with 15 minutes and then gradually increasing to the most suitable using time. You can set them according to your actual situation.

Safe blue light &100% UV-FREE: These light glasses output a low-intensity narrow-wave blue high-efficiency spectrum conforming to photobiosafety, with a peak wavelength of 480 nm. 100% UV-FREE .

Compact & Portable: With a dimension of 7.9*3.9*1.9 in,3 oz ;the glasses lamp is easy to carry and storage, ideal on the travel.

Our wearable bule light is rechargeable by Type-C usb cable,one charge gives more than 2 hours use. Supplied with a Type-C USB cable.

Product description

Wearable blue light glasses ,helps your body naturally boost energy , give you a happy mood.

No need to sit in front of the light

Compared with a traditional light box, this wearable glasses light is more convenient to use and easy to carry.When use the light ,you can work around the house or at my computer and don’t have to just sit.

Simple to use

Just press the boot button for 3 seconds, the luminous area on the glasses will light up.It will slowly rise to the highest brightness within 60 seconds, so that the eyes have a process of gradually adapting to the light.

Set the usage time

Blue light glasses can be set for 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 45 minutes, you can set them according to your actual situation.In the boot state, Press the on/off button lightly, 3 blue indicators from right to left will light up respectively, One indicator lamp indicates 15 minutes, 2 lamps indicate 30 minutes, and 3 lamps indicate 45 minutes.

Helps your mood and sleep schedule

The  device helps reset your circadian rhythm, so you can achieve restful sleep and brilliant mornings. Improve both your quality of sleep and overall energy and mood.

Product Parameter of  blue light glasses:

Power: 0.5W

Net weight :88g

External dimensions (L/W/H): 7.9 X 3.9 X1.9 IN

Charger requirements : USB 5V 1A

Charging duration : About 3 hours

Attention please:

1.Do not use light glasses with your eyes closed.

2.In order to ensure that the use of this product does not affect daily activities such as reading and office work, please adjust the wearing height reasonably.

3.If you need to use this product when wearing glasses, you can use it outside your glasses,but please make sure that the frame of your glasses does not block the light emitted by this product.

4.Do not use light therapy glasses when wearing colored/tan glasses.