Fans and mist

USB drive Mini Air Cooler Fan

Mini Air Cooler Fan

  • Model: SF-01

1. Three Levels Strong Natural wind, adjustable fan,low noisy

2.5 sprays, much cooler

3.600ML big capacity Water tank

4.7-color light and warm white light

5.with (1H,2H,3H) Timer function

6.Easy to clean the water tank and fans

Input voltage: DC5V / 2A

Cold wind rated power:L: 5W/M:6.5W/H:8W

Natural wind rated power: L: 1.5W/M:2.5W/H:4W

High/medium/low three wind speed;

The water in the water tank is formed into a water mist by ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation, which is thoroughly mixed with the air and blown out;

With colorful atmosphere light and night light function;

The aromatherapy cover can be removed and the perfume is dripped on the cotton sheet  and which can be  washed and replaced

Water tank capacity: about 600 ml

Product size: 21*9*26cm

(1)Product Size:21*9*26cm

(2)Single box:21.5*10*27CM  

(3)Ctn Meas: 45*43*57CM

(4)Qty: 16Pcs/Ctn       


label: fan