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  • What is a 3D acrylic light?

    What is a 3D acrylic light?A 3D acrylic light is a type of lamp that uses acrylic to create a 3D illusion. The acrylic is cut into a specific shape, and then a light is placed behind it. The light shi

    2023/05/17 btf 1

  • Why use a daylight therapy lamp?

    Why use a daylight therapy lamp? When the hours of daylight are noticeably decreased in autumn and people increasingly stayinside, the effects of a lack of light may cumulate. This is often described

    2019/09/23 btf 9

  • Parallels Coming to the 2014 Macworld Expo

    Since its founding in 1985, the Macworld Expo has become the most influential Apple ecosphere in the world. The exposition, with the theme of "defining the future with innovation", will be o

    2018/01/12 14

  • Oculus set up a VR team in London

    Since the acquisition of Oculus for $2 billion in 2014, Facebook, a social platform giant, has been in the forefront of the development of VR. With the development of the market, VR in the United Stat

    2018/01/12 7

  • Artificial intelligence robot with emotional air strikes

    Recently, Xi Jinping in the "review", a variety of artificial intelligence robot, the development of intelligent Gowild technology companies in the world's first social emotional robot &

    2018/01/12 3

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